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'Beer and Skittles Nights' are a fantastic way to generate more income and provide great entertainment at your venue for all types of social functions, events suitable for all ages and abilities.  We manufacture our own Skittle Alleys to our unique design, providing wide boards and silent runner balls.  British made Quality Skittle Alleys. 

Skittle Alley are Ideal for Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Working Mens Clubs, Social Clubs, Sports Clubs and Other Licensed premises: 

Hiring a Skittle Alley from First Class Leisure is a cheap way for you to make money, sell your drinks and provide all round fun.  If you make a block booking with First Class Leisure we will give you a discount. 

Beer and Skittle Nights for Birthdays, Parties, Garden Parties, BBQ's, Company Premises, Corporate Events.  Hire a Skittle Alley for all your family, friends, work events and everyone will have a great time and unlimited bowling!  We have Skittle Alleys to cater for both adults and children, for both Indoor and outdoor use.

If you have a FUNCTION ROOM, then why not HIRE IT OUT along with a Skittle Alley.  You could then offer your customers a 'Traditional Beer and Skittles Night' and even provide food for the complete package deal.

Church Social Nights, Schools, P.T.A's, Retirement Functions and Events:
Hire a Skittle Alley for your next social or fundraising event, it's a fantastic way to spend an evening with friends, work collegues and family, these are great social nights and will help generate lots of money.  Hire two or more Alleys and we will give you a discount. 

Remember, you dont have to have beer at your event (it's just the traditional pub name) any drinks will be fine.

We are always happy to discuss business ideas and business ventures for both hire and sale of our Skittle Alleys.  Skittle Alleys make a great business investment and are a quick money return. 

With many years experience in the Skittle Alley hire and sales business, we can always give you lots of advice on how to generate money for your event, how to organise your event, how many Skittle Alleys to hire so people don't get bored waiting their turn. 

We can also provide 'Extra side games (ADD ON's) hire equipment' so whilst people are waiting their next go, they can play a competitive side game, so again generating more money and providing all round fun!

So for unlimited bowling, the next fund raising event, or if you are organising your corporate, community, school or P.T.A event, or just a general social event a 'Beer and Skittles' evening is the perfect solution.


Beer & Skittles Nights Hire a Skittle Alley Buy a Skittle Alley
These are one of our best social events for ALL sports clubs and teams, everyone will have fun and have a great laugh. 


For all Fund Raising Eventsjust email your event details to us, along with any other quote and we will get back to you with a BETTER DEAL.


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